Summer Love

“Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year -- it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul”

With the joy of this season, what is love without divine dresses? Bringing to you our latest line of new arrival of dresses….

Autumn Closet

Purest Heart
This piece has one of the most amaziiiiinnnggggg workmanship and great material...I just have to stress on this. It comes with inner lining in the dress, nicely sewn motifs to create the perfect fit for every body. If you are in the mood for sweet love, this is THE ONE....Sizes available

Pink (Sold Out ) Beige (M & L Sold Out!, only S )

Black (Sold Out)

Order Code .8032-1(Pink), 8032-2(Beige), 8032-3(Black)
Size . S.M.L (Please provide me your bust size, I will best advice the right size for u)
Material . Cotton . Good Finishing
Price . (RM) 60

Sweet Angel
This dress is a such a Sweet Angel, Any guy will have his heart melt for u ....Wear it for a casual date or a stroll down the park would do just fine ...

White (Sold Out!) ,Beige(Sold Out!)

Black (Sold Out), Pink (Last Piece!)

Order Code .8031-1(White), 8031-2(Pink), 8031-3(Beige), 8031-4(Black)
Size . Free Size . Fit S/M
Material . Cotton. Good Finishing
Price . (RM) 50


If you got it, just flaunt it...This dress gives you the desired lovely personality with an ooze of hidden sexiness. It does emphasize nicely on the figure...sexy goddess

Orange (Last Piece!) Blue (Sold Out!) Red (Last Piece!)


Order Code .8030-1(Orange), 8030-2(Blue), 8030-3(Red)
Size . Free Size . Fit S/M . Strap length is adjustable
Material . Cotton. Good Finishing
Price . (RM) 50


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